With CBD’s recent explosion in popularity, various CBD products have become available to Canadian consumers. While the freedom of choice is appreciated by many, it can be confusing to new CBD users faced with a range of dosing options. More recently, CBD capsules have spiked in popularity as a way to consume cannabidiol quickly, discreetly, and conveniently. Keep reading to find out more about why many Canadians prefer CBD capsules to traditional CBD oils!

What Are CBD Capsules?

CBD capsules are gelatin capsules loaded with CBD. They are made in the same way as CBD oils, by extracting CBD from hemp or cannabis and infusing it into a gel capsule. Capsules typically contain CBD oils but they can also be made with CBD distillate or decarboxylated CBD flower, among other forms of CBD. They are intended for quick and easy oral ingestion and are the preferred method of consuming CBD for many people.

Why Do Some People Prefer CBD Capsules?

Consuming CBD in capsule form presents many advantages to consuming it in many of its other forms. For starters, capsules are incredibly easy to take. They can be quickly ingested in a matter of seconds and can be taken alongside many other natural nutritional supplements. Most capsules are all-natural and practically free of calories, providing a much healthier alternative to CBD edibles. Additionally, capsules also provide a tasteless, odorless alternative for those who may dislike, or who simply prefer to avoid, the oily, grassy taste of CBD oils.

CBD capsules are a much more discreet way of consuming CBD. They are very inconspicuous as they are typically odorless and can be ingested very quickly. Even with other people around, capsules can be consumed without raising suspicion. For these reasons, capsules are also much easier to travel with and to use on-the-go.

CBD capsules also allow for much more precise dosing. Each dose is already precisely measured inside the capsule, taking much of the guesswork out of dosing with CBD. With CBD capsules, you know exactly what you are getting each and every time!

Why Do Some People Prefer CBD Oils?

Nevertheless, CBD oils have their own advantages as well. CBD oils allow for less precise, yet more flexible dosing. If you want to consume a very specific amount of CBD that may not be available in capsule form, oils are your best bet.

Furthermore, the effects of sublingual oils can be felt much quicker than with capsules, which may take up to an hour to work (although they can work much quicker for some people). If immediate relief is a concern, then CBD oils may be a better choice for you.

Regardless of whether you prefer to dose with CBD capsules or CBD oils, rest assured that Reva CBD has got you covered. Check out our shop for a variety of CBD products including capsules, oils, edibles, and many more!


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