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As the demand for CBD products in North America rises by the day, companies are in a race to create the most attractive, easy to use, and convenient products possible. However, his has posed somewhat of a dilemma for consumers, as new users are commonly confused by which products are the right fit for them. Although very versatile, the levels, dosage requirements, and consumption methods of CBD vary greatly from person to person.

Bioavailability and its Effects on Absorption

Bioavailablility – put simply – is a substance’s ability to enter your bloodstream and be absorbed by your body. Different consumption methods of CBD have different bioavailabilites, meaning that some consumption methods provide more readily-absorbed levels of CBD to your body than others.

The two most common consumption methods of CBD are vaporization and ingestion. Between the two, ingestion has the lower rate of bioavailability. However, many popular CBD products on the market promote sublingual application, and for good reason. Sublingual consumption of CBD is not only convenient, but incredibly quick and effective, with the effects typically being felt within minutes (sometimes even seconds.)

CBD edibles are also common products on the market, and while they’re convenient (and often times tasty!) they are not quite as effective. Thanks to the ‘first-pass effect’ of the liver, the concentration of bioavailable compounds is greatly reduced, meaning less CBD is available to enter the bloodstream.

Vaporization: An Effectvive CBD Consumption Method

Vaporization is concluded to be the most effective method of consumping CBD. This non-oral method has the benefit of avoiding the first-pass effect that was described in the previous section. Rather than passing through the liver, CBD enters the bloodstream directly through the lungs – which allowed nearly 4x more CBD to be absorbed by your body.

Compared to edibles, vaporizing CBD will allow you to feel its effects and benefits much quicker. While edibles have to pass through the digestive system, vaporization lets CBD enter your bloodstream via the lungs, producing effects within 30-60 minutes.


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