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Over-the-counter and prescription anti-inflammatory medications are always available, easily prescribed and commonly used. Discovered in 1961, Ibuprofen is the most regularly used anti-inflammatory drugs and now available under different trade names. These medications can relieve anything from a headache, back pack, arthritis, sore muscles or a toothache.

Based on a consumer survey response, more than 17 million Americans take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) on a daily basis, with more than 70 million prescriptions and more than 30 billion over-the-counter NSAID tablets sold annually in the US alone.

When the body is injured, compounds called prostanoids produce two enzymes: COX-1 and COX-2. NSAIDS work by blocking the aforementioned enzymes non-selectively, which creates an issue. To alleviate the pain and inflammation, NSAIDs block COX-2; unfortunately COX-1 is also blocked, leading to adverse side effects.

Side effects are carefully noted on each bottle of over-the-counter bottle, however these are too common and lead to serious complications including ulcers, heartburn, headaches, kidney problems or high blood pressure. With the amount of people that take NSAIDS, the side effects are alarming; especially with other alternatives available on the market such as CBD.

In the last 10 years, multiple studies have showcased the benefits of CBD. It provides a non-toxic alternative to treating diseases related to acute or chronic pain caused by inflammation. The plant cannabinoids has different ways to use its anti-inflammatory properties, such as blocking pro-inflammatory compounds that are made by the body as a result of injury or illness. Alternatively CBD is active in pain control at the central nervous system level, lowering the production of cytokines by the immune system, and by hindering some of the receptors responsible for pain perception, resulting in an effective and relaxing analgesic effect.

Full spectrum CBD contains CBDA, cannabidiolic acid, which is non-psychoactive cannabinoids precursor to CBD that has shown to block the COX-2 enzyme selectively, without affecting the COX-1 enzyme. With its antioxidant properties, replacing Ibuprofen with CBD has proven to provide relief with additional health benefits without the side effects and risks of Ibuprofen.

Furthermore, patients have various delivery options when looking to use CBD to treat inflammation. There are non-smokable delivery methods such as capsules, edibles and topical calms. People are empowered to use the delivery method that works best for their lifestyle and benefit from the growing CBD trend.


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