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A recent survey of 1000 seniors aged 54 and up revealed that 51% of seniors who tried CBD reported improvements to their quality of life. Alongside boomers, seniors are one of the fastest-rising demographics of cannabis users. Moreover, according to StatsCan, roughly half of new cannabis users in early 2019 were aged 45 or above. With the medical and therapeutic potential of cannabinoids like CBD and THC, it is not hard to see why so many people of older age are turning to cannabis.

How Can CBD Help Seniors?

Getting older is a fact of life. Inevitably, we all must deal with the aches and pains of living busy, full lives. The good news is that natural supplements like CBD can help to treat those problems without the side effects commonly caused by prescription medication.

How Are Seniors Using CBD?

The survey reveals that seniors are using CBD in a variety of ways, depending on their needs and preferences.

When it comes to medical use, 42% of seniors used CBD to treat inflammation, while 40% used it to treat chronic pain. Moreover, 38% reported primarily using cannabidiol to treat arthritis, a condition that typically results in pain and inflammation. Numerous studies claim that these types of pain, which are oftentimes related, can be alleviated through the use of cannabinoids like CBD and THC. CBD has especially shown promise in the treatment of arthritis in animals.

Many seniors also reported using CBD for psychological problems. Roughly 28% of respondents claimed to use cannabidiol for anxiety, while 22% used it for stress. Meanwhile, 13% of respondents believed it worked to alleviate symptoms of depression. Unsurprisingly, a significant amount of seniors also reported that CBD was able to improve their sleep quality.

When it comes to methods of administration, over half of the seniors who consumed CBD reported taking it orally in the form of sublingual or ingestible oils. Meanwhile, just under a quarter had also consumed it in the form of an edible, or mixed into a beverage.

Medical Marijuana Improves Senior Quality of Life

The therapeutic benefits of marijuana are not just limited to CBD. Research indicates that a variety of cannabinoids found in marijuana have medical potential.

Another recent survey, conducted by The University of Colorado, found that many seniors who consumed cannabis within the past 12 months reported improved quality of life afterward. Many of the study’s 274 participants reported using cannabis to deal with an array of conditions ranging from anxiety to back pain. The study confirms that seniors are more comfortable than ever using marijuana “both medically and recreationally”.


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