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What is Vaping?

Vaporization is the process of heating dried cannabis to temperatures just below its combustion point of 392℉. The vaporization process successfully draws out the therapeutic and mind-altering effects of cannabis but leaves many of the toxins and carcinogens behind. Many people prefer vaping because it is a safer and more discreet way of consuming cannabis that produces no smoke and noticeably less odour.
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Should I Vape or Smoke Cannabis?

When compared to smoking, vaporization is simply a safer way of enjoying marijuana’s many therapeutic benefits. Although cannabis smoke is widely considered to be less toxic than cigarette smoke, consuming carcinogenic smoke of any kind is never a good idea. All types of smoke contain particles that can cause lung irritation and respiratory problems. In fact, it is believed that over 100 different toxins are released when cannabis is smoked. By avoiding combustion altogether, vaporization simply does not produce and release as many toxins or carcinogens as smoking.
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The Best CBD Vapes in Canada

Vaping is considered to be one of the most effective ways of consuming CBD. This is because vaporization has a greater bioavailability than other methods of consumption, making it easier for your body to absorb it. When you vape CBD, your body is able to use it more quickly and more efficiently than when you consume it otherwise. Moreover, the effects of vaporized CBD can be felt within seconds and can last for hours.
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Different Types of Vape Pens

Cannabis vaporizers range from discreet pocket-sized pen vapes to table top behemoths. Vaporizers have quickly advanced from large, clunky plug-in units to sleek and stylish portable models. Long gone are cheap plastic materials and excessive heat-up times. Now you can conveniently enjoy the benefits of vaporization within seconds, whether its at home, or on the go. Whatever your needs, rest assured there is a vaporizer to suit them.