Woman and a dog out on the lawn

Is It Safe To Give Your Pets CBD?

Yes! CBD oil is generally considered safe to administer to your pets. As long as the dosage is appropriate, pets rarely experience side effects from treatment with CBD. A recent study found that dogs experienced few adverse side effects from consuming CBD, with the most common being mild diarrhea. Most importantly, CBD has never been shown to cause serious or life-threatening distress in any animal or human.

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Will CBD Get My Pet ‘High’?

No. CBD oil is sourced from hemp and will not get your pets ‘high’ or ‘buzzed’. This is because CBD oils typically contain very little to no trace of mind-altering cannabinoids like THC. Rest assured that CBD can alleviate your pet’s symptoms without causing any psychoactive effects.

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How Can CBD Help Your Pets?

Just as it does in humans, CBD can produce a whole range of therapeutic effects in animals. CBD is believed to provide pets with relief from physical pain. For dogs suffering from arthritis, CBD can provide relief from both pain and the inflammation that causes it. Furthermore, recent research indicates that CBD can be successfully used to treat certain kinds of epileptic seizures in dogs. CBD is also used for its anti-nausea, anti-anxiety, and appetite-stimulating effects.

Dog drinking CBD infused water

Adding CBD to Your Pet’s Diet

Generally, CBD is administered to pets orally. It is typically administered through the use of a syringe or dropper right into an animal’s mouth. However, it can also be quickly and conveniently added to their food. If your pet can’t stomach or simply doesn’t like the taste of CBD, topical creams and lotions may be a suitable alternative for treatment with CBD.