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A recent study conducted by several US universities found that the senior demographic’s attitudes towards medical cannabis are rapidly changing. A whopping 60% of the survey’s respondents indicated that they “strongly agreed” with the use of marijuana for medical purposes.

This represents a significant increase over prior surveys, indicating that attitudes towards cannabis among seniors and older adults are possibly more relaxed than they have ever been.

It is theorized that two of the primary reasons for this change are the appearance of non-psychoactive cannabis products and the dissociation of marijuana from smoking health diseases like lung cancer.

Cannabis products like tinctures and edibles have become a way for people to enjoy cannabis without any of the associated risks. Moreover, seniors no longer have to rely on cannabinoids like THC that get them ‘high’ to enjoy relief. CBD’s recent explosion in popularity as a non-psychoactive alternative to THC has landed it on the nightstands of countless seniors. Keep reading to find out how CBD edibles are changing the lives of seniors and older adults.

Why Are More Seniors Using Marijuana?

Surveys indicate that many seniors use medical marijuana to treat the aches and pains of old age. From a walk in the park to a weekend on the ski hill, medical cannabis allows seniors to enjoy activities that they otherwise may not be able to. CBD is especially useful for this purpose as it allows seniors to medicate whenever they need it without producing any mind-altering effects.

Alongside those looking to alleviate the pains of minor aches are seniors who use THC and CBD to treat serious medical conditions. According to the survey, the most common reasons for cannabis use are for the treatment of back pain, arthritis, depression, and anxiety.

CBD has been proven to treat the symptoms of a range of medical conditions including pain, anxiety, epilepsy, stress, nausea, and arthritis, among others. CBD has especially shown promise as an anti-inflammatory drug, perhaps making it more effective than THC in the treatment of certain kinds of pain.

Many seniors are also turning to cannabis in order to avoid having to consume pharmaceutical medications which may be more harmful and addictive. The survey found that a substantial number of respondents were turning to cannabis in order to reduce opioid drug use or to avoid it altogether.

Among the survey’s respondents, those who had used marijuana in the past year reported improved overall health, quality-of-life, day-to-day functioning, and improvements in pain management.

Why Edibles?

Edibles allow cannabis users to consume their favourite herb without having to inhale potentially harmful smoke or vapour. While vaporization is a cleaner consumption method than smoking, concerns still exist about its long-term impact on health. However, edibles are a perfectly clean and pure way to enjoy cannabis without any associated health risks.

For older medical marijuana patients, avoiding the inhalation of smoke is critical to being able to safely consume cannabinoids like CBD. For those suffering from lung or throat complications, hot smoke or vapour is simply not an option. Edibles allow these patients to obtain the relief they need without potentially worsening their health.

Edibles also produce a significantly different high than inhaled cannabis; one that many medical cannabis patients prefer. Infused edibles simply seem to produce a more physically-intense and longer-lasting buzz than inhaled marijuana. While the high produced by inhalation can last from 2-4 hours, the high produced by an edible typically lasts between 4-6 hours. Even when it comes to non-mind-altering cannabinoids like CBD, ingesting rather than inhaling will lead to prolonged effects.


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