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ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a nervous disorder that affects both adults and children. ADHD is believed to affect over 4% of adults and 5% of children worldwide.

Although hyperactivity and inattentiveness are the condition’s two most common symptoms, ADHD patients can exhibit a range of symptoms including restlessness, forgetfulness, disorganization, and insomnia. If left untreated, or if treated inadequately, it has been known to lead to negative outcomes such as low self-esteem, troubled relationships, and difficulties at work or school.

Some anecdotal evidence suggests that CBD may be able to treat some of the symptoms of ADHD. Furthermore, clinical studies have shown that CBD can treat a number of symptoms that may be caused or exacerbated by the condition. But can CBD really help with ADHD?

Can CDB Help With ADHD?

Nobody really knows for sure. Despite the fact that numerous clinical studies have conclusively proven CBD’s positive effects on a range of anxiety disorders, no clinical studies have been performed to explore CBD’s effects on ADHD symptoms.

Yet, considering the amount of CBD studies that have been completed over the past few years, it bears wondering why nobody has bothered to study its effects on ADHD.

In an interview with ADDitude, an ADD-themed publication, Dr. Jacob Vigil from the University of New Mexico’s Medical Cannabis Research Fund stated that cannabis is still ‘highly stigmatized’ in the medical community. Moreover, since cannabis is still illegal at the federal level in the US, researchers have simply been unable to get their hands on the cannabis they need.

As such, it is impossible to conclusively say that CBD cant help with the symptoms of ADHD. All we can really say for sure is that there are no clinical studies that can prove it’s efficacy in this domain.

CBD May Be Able To Treat Certain Symptoms of ADHD

Nevertheless, research shows that CBD may be able to manage specific symptoms that are associated with ADHD.

For instance, many people with ADHD struggle with anxiety. A 2015 review of clinical studies concluded that “the evidence strongly supports CBD as a treatment for generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder when dosed acutely”.

Moreover, CBD has also shown promise in treating anxiety-induced insomnia. A recent study from 2019 found not only that CBD was well-tolerated but also that it reduced anxiety and improved sleep scores in a large number of patients.

Furthermore, a 2013 study indicated that ADHD patients who specifically suffered from impulsivity and hyperactivity were more likely to use cannabis to manage their symptoms on a daily basis than others with inattentive subtypes of ADHD.


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