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Menopause is something all women will go through in their lives. However, it’s something most women will ignore at all cost until they can’t ignore it anymore. Often times they think it’ll pass quickly or that it won’t affect them like it affects others. Although women turn a blind eye to the symptoms, it is more beneficial for them to take preventative measures. Since this is a topic of conversation in the healthcare system that wasn’t talked about until recently, doctors are underprepared on how to deal with the symptoms.

Menopause is when the estrogen levels swing suddenly high or low before the final drop, and unfortunately other hormones join the rollercoaster. The brain’s neurochemistry begins to change as the hormonal molecules in the body increase or decrease. The body starts to produce inflammatory molecules, as well as affect fat accumulation, bone reabsorption and brain function. Menopause will be unique for each woman thus symptoms may vary. We will explore how CBD can help with the physical and brain chemistry changes due to menopause.

Here are four commonly known menopause symptoms and how CBD can support women.

Aches & Joint Pain

Menopausal women who start to feel aches and joint pain believe that it’s from age, but it’s actually from the lack of estrogen which leads the body to produce higher levels of inflammatory molecules. With its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD protects joints from inflammatory damage and decreases levels of inflammatory molecules.

Mood Swings & Depression

It’s common for women to experience anxiety or depression because of the fluctuation of estrogen and progesterone. This has an impact on the brain’s serotonin activity and other neurotransmitters which play a significant role in moods. During menopause neurochemistry will change and it’ll need to adapt to the new levels of estrogen and progesterone. It has been found that similar to the anxiety drug buspirone, CBD activates serotonin receptors. Taking a daily dose of CBD can decrease anxiety and bring more balanced moods.

Hot Flashes & Night Sweats

This is one of the common symptom of menopause that women talk about because of how disruptive it can be to sleep and daily routines. The vasomotor symptoms are affected by neurochemistry in the hypothalamus – the body’s thermostat control. The change will increase the sweat response and the sensitivity to temperatures. CBD hasn’t been tested for this symptom, however the way CBD affects the body’s serotonin system may be the reason why some women believe that CBD helps with regulating their body thermostat, making it less sensitive.

Weight Gain & Diabetes

Hormones play a significant role in controlling our metabolism, therefore without the same estrogen levels, the body burns less calories and less fat when exercising. The hormonal shift and pattern of fat storage increases your predisposition to insulin resistance, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. CBD buffers the activity of natural endocannabinoids which has been found to be linked to insulin resistance.

It’s important to take a proactive approach to menopause to mitigate the symptoms and enable you to feel more in control of the hormonal shifts. CBD can be one of the many resources that help you through menopause.


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