CBD capsules are just as effective as CBD oils, yet, they are a lot less popular. This is largely because infused oils were some of the first CBD products available to the public, leading many to assume that they are the only or the best way to consume CBD. However, there are many reasons why CBD capsules are superior to CBD oils. Here are 4 reasons why Canadians should try CBD capsules today.

CBD Capsules are Tasteless and Odourless

Many people dislike the taste of CBD oils. Different kinds of oils have different flavours, but oftentimes, they tend to have a bitter, grassy, and earthy taste to them. Oils that are produced with hemp oil or olive oil can be hard to ingest for many people as they feature rather intense and complex flavour profiles. Moreover, while full-spectrum oils are generally considered to be more effective than other forms of CBD, they also undergo less processing and filtration, giving them a very grassy and hemp-like flavour.

If love dosing with CBD, but hate the taste, CDB capsules can get you the relief you crave, without assaulting your taste buds.

CBD Capsules are Easy to Take

CBD capsules are very convenient and easy to take. Simply wash one down with some liquid and wait for the effects to kick in. If you hate the taste of infused oils, or just don’t like the process of applying and consuming them sublingually, capsules are a simple and convenient alternative.

CBD Capsules are the Most Discreet Way of Consuming CBD

Capsules are very discreet to carry and consume. Unlike flower buds, they are odorless and will not tip anyone off as to the fact that you are carrying any kind of cannabis product. Moreover, they are much more discreet than sublingual oils, which require a few seconds to apply. By comparison, CBD capsules can be quickly consumed within a matter of seconds, just like any other pill or capsule. Additionally, because of CBD’s mild interaction and side-effect profile, capsules can be safely mixed with a range of other natural supplements as part of a more comprehensive anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, or sleep-inducing supplement regimen.

CBD Capsules Feature Precise Dosing

When vaping CBD buds or using sublingual oils, it can be tough to consume precise doses of the cannabinoid. However, CBD capsules contain very precise doses of CBD, ensuring that you know exactly how much you are consuming with each and every capsule. By comparison, capsules allow you to medicate much more accurately than other methods of consumption. This is an especially important point for CBD because it has been shown to produce stimulating effects at lower doses, and sedative effects at higher doses. As such, knowing exactly how much you are consuming per dose is extremely important when it comes to CBD.

If you are looking to change up your CBD regimen with some capsules, check out our shop for a variety of CBD products, including water-soluble CBD capsules.


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