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Every Reva CBD order is shipped via Canada Post Xpresspost in secure, incredibly discreet packaging – to anywhere in Canada!

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We personally source every product we sell, guaranteeing you only the purest, finest-quality Canadian CBD available.

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From its inception, Reva CBD was founded with one purpose: to present the best CBD products available nationwide in one consolidated spot for customers to shop from. Started out by a group of health-researchers with untiring fascinations in the healing properties of cannabis plants, Reva CBD was brought to life in British Columbia, Canada.

From then on, the partnership expanded, and the non-stop research  and the daily handling of CBD products has taught the team at Reva CBD to differentiate between the best CBD and the average, and how to focus on producing the former.

The Authority for CBD Products in Canada

From the array of products carried on Reva, including CBD vape pens, CBD capsules, variety edibles, CBD isolates, and more, there is a zero-tolerance policy for internal product defects. Every product carried is carefully produced and tested to the quality control team’s stringent standards.

Whether they are produced in-house or outsourced from external suppliers, all products on Reva have been tested to ensure that only the best ingredients have been used, without the addition of any harmful additives. Shop with the best CBD supplier in Canada by shopping on Reva.

Your One-Stop-Shop for Pain Relief and Anxiety Relief Products

Gone are the days where you would have to search a CBD product for reviews on whether it treats a specific condition you may be experiencing. Or worse; be confused by the technical details. At Reva, all CBD products have been made from full spectrum CBD, perfectly ready to be your one-stop solution as treatment for all kinds of conditions.

From muscle soreness to joint pain relief, and from anxiety relief to the improvement of moods, Reva guarantees all products side-wide to work for any of your needs. If you are unsure, feel free to chat with one of our specialists.

The Best Source for Full Spectrum CBD & THC Products in Canada

Certainly, a question frequently asked by many, is how to differentiate between good CBD and bad. One of the most prominent traits of good CBD is that it is made of full spectrum CBD, which are cannabinoids with very minimal levels of THC (less than 0.3%).

This form of CBD contains the least amount of impure ingredients and has proven to be most beneficial for consumption. Another indicator for good CBD is whether it contains any artificial additives. At Reva, all CBD products are produced with natural ingredients, with zero filler additives.